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Reparatie, diagnose en service van voertuigelectronica, benzine- en diesel-injectiesystemen, startmotoren, dynamo's, accu's etc.

Electric Vehicle

Under construction

We stock components to replace the stock battery from 2004-2009 prius with a light hi-tech lithium manganese battery pack.                                              Making it a PHEV with an EV range maximum 100km at ideal conditions.At least 5 prototypes are built and proceed cost and functionality improvements.                                                                                                              

AEP is official distributor for OrionBMS

OrionBMS is a full featured BMS for Lithium-ion but is well capable for several chemistries up to 5VDC. It has a fully programmable CAN bus and is able to communicate in CAN networks as wel working with the OBD2 diagnostic standard. 

this screenshot represents a wireless dashboard, using an Andoid based mobile device and a third party application called "Torque".  this application is used in our Prius PHEV conversions to inform the driver about battery conditions as well as standard vehicle information trough a OBD Bleutooth adapter. functions as faultcode reading and erasing/ this app is also fully programmable and can be used in combination with OrionBMS.

Have a look at this link and see the actual results for a Prius PHEV conversion in fuel economy composed by a satisfied customer. 

We also offer Hymotion L5 PHEV conversions for competitive pricing. we have used and new battery packs.

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Used hymotion pack installed; 5200 EUR incl BTW

New hymotion pack installed 6700 EUR incl BTW


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